I knew it…

Well, I knew it was going to happen. Before I ever sat down to type in the words blogger.com I knew it would happen. My afternoon was frittered away like dollar bills in a nine-year old’s pocket, and it was all the fault of this blog. Yep.

You see, in order to create the blog I had to have a google account. Having always been a died-in-the-wool yahoo girl, I forgot about that google account I created for my ipod calendar several months back. So I got another google account. Of course, when I realized that I now had two google accounts and one yahoo account, I decided I needed to neaten up my electronic life. I figured I’d just get rid of the yahoo account, attached to it though I was, because yahoo didn’t have blogging sites. I had a geocities account for a while, but they did away with that a while back.

So anyway, I decided I would just make the switch and consolidate my multiple google accounts into one. Only problem is, google can’t consolidate any accounts. If you don’t create things like your google calendar while signed into to your umbrella account, it is always in a different account. In my case, it was a google calendar account with a now defunct yahoo.com e-mail. Not good.

To make a long story short (too late), I e-mailed everyone I have ever corresponded with to let them know I have a new e-mail address, deleted my google calendar, recreated my google calendar with my new google account information, synced that with my office outlook calendar and my ipod calendar, created this blog, created the first two pages of a google site (a webpage, of sorts), and am now writing this blog entry. Of course, along the way there were the dozen or so messages to google because my passwords wouldn’t work, my old calendar wouldn’t go away, or something wouldn’t sync with something else.

Of course, now my cell phone can’t get my e-mail messages because AT&T is in cahoots with Yahoo and it doesn’t support Gmail. Maybe they have a help site for that…

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