Finally, a day without snow. It has been extremely wearing to deal with so much, but after last night’s ragged post I thought I should admit that I know this, too, will pass. Hopefully sooner than later….

Besides, before spring comes, I have a lot of things to get done. There are always indoor projects to finish around the house. We have no wood trim anywhere on the first floor — not around windows, not around the base of the walls, not around the doors. Heck, we don’t even have several doors. That’s what we’re waiting on. Before you can put down the baseboard trim, you have to hang the trim around the doors. Before you can hang the trim around the doors, you have to, well, you have to have doors. As for the trim around the windows…we’ll get to it….

Meanwhile, I still have classes to teach and labs to lead, a novel to finish revising and fiction competitions to enter, and tack to oil. Plenty to keep me busy indoors until things start greening up. Oh, yeah. I will have surgery on my elbow tomorrow – a torn or damaged tendon is causing LOTS of pain, especially when I do stupid things like try to lift my morning tea or answer the phone on my desk. You know, really outrageous stuff. Seriously, it hurts and a very good hand/arm doc in Indy is going to fix it for me. Dr. Alex Meyers of Reconstructive Hand Surgeons of Indiana is doing the deed. My awesome lil’ sis is his nurse.

Therefore, I may not be typing for a couple of days, but I expect to be back to normal soon, as it is minor surgery. Had the other arm fixed in Deceember and it is doing very well. Thanks Dr. Meyers!

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  1. I think answering an office phone is overrated! Get the elbow fixed, but seriously…why take the risk of future injury? Stop answering the phone! Unless it's me calling 🙂
    I hope it goes well!!!

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