I just returned from the First Annual Indiana Faith and Writing Conference (#IFWC2014) and it was, in a word, AWESOME. If you are anywhere in the midwestern US (or even if you aren’t), you’ll want to put this one on your schedule for next year.

Held on the campus of Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana, IFWC gave attendees the opportunity to sit under the tutelage of some of Christian publishing’s best known authors, agents and publishers. We also had an opportunity to learn from bloggers and social media experts, tax experts and pastors.

How’s this for an impressive list?

Dennis E. (Doc) Hensley
Linda Taylor
Amanda Luedeke
Linda Glaz
Michelle Medlock Adams
Nate Pyle
Terry Whalin
Ken Abraham
Jim Watkins
Lin Johnson
Les Stobbe
Cara Miller
Deborah Fox
Katie Ganshert
Sarah Wells
Phillip Gulley
Keith Williams
Elizabeth Imafuji
Stephen Lewis
Craig Bubeck
Carol Topp
Lawrence Wilson 
(Let me know if I left anyone out!)

While conference attendance was smaller than some I have attended, Anderson University faculty and staff put on a very nice event and I expect it will continue to grow for several years to come.

Now if I can just figure out what the whole ### thing means…

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