I Love This Chair (but it fits me too well)

I have the greatest chair in my home office. It isn’t anything fancy, and it isn’t a well-worn family heirloom. In fact, it’s a giant folding moon chair that I just bought this week. This thing is shaped like a deep saucer (hence the name), and it’s big enough for me to pull both of my feet up into it. That’s something because I’m 5’8″ tall and not the rail I was growing up. I even fell asleep in it today – of course, I’ve been taking a few pills since the surgery….

But sitting in that chair got me to thinking about the shape of my, um, back end. They are both round: my chair and my caboose. So, I’ve decided to tell anyone who reads this that I’m quitting desserts with my daughter. She’s giving them up for lent, a far more noble cause than mine. I simply don’t want to be round back there anymore. And I don’t want to develop diabetes or heart disease or any of the dozens of other ailments that catch up to you while you are sitting around snacking. So tune in to see how it goes – I’ll leave regular progress reports!

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